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Resource Management Solutions

Valet Services is 

We offer effective resource management solutions to help your organization

  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve Energy
  • Reduce Sewer Discharge

Valet Services is the leader in offering effective and compelling waste water solutions.  The increasing cost and availability of potable water, paired with an increase in sanitation and discharge fees, it makes sense to make your water work.  Valet Services does just that, by offering a revolutionary water reclamation system that is reliant and successful. This rugged proprietary ceramic filtration system offers a chemical-free waste water treatment, heat and water recovery system that “really works!"

 A committed to successful businesses and a healthy environment has been our foundation for developing useful breakthroughs that revolutionize the way our partners do business. Thus, Valet Services has partnered with Norchem Corporation to create a customized, one of a kind system dedicated to servicing the needs of the hospitality industry.   This ground-breaking system will:


This system meets and exceeds all compliance limits. It is designed as a modular and fully automated system, it provides simplicity of installation and operation unmatched by any other system available today. In a region with mass growth and few natural resources, the need to recycle, reuse and reclaim water is essential to maintain a lifestyle that supports travel and growth.  Making your water work for you through our cutting edge and effective waste water purification system is what we do best. 

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